Our story so far.

Mental Vodka is the latest addition to the Mental Brand. Founded by Aarron and his brother Harrie, the original company name started as a gym called Alpha Training. In May 2018 Lambo rebranded to Mental Hamster and exploded onto the fitness supplementation industry with the release of our very own A5 weight management capsule.
Calvin and Natalie joined the team of directors and the brand went from strength to strength as we diversified and took the brand into different sectors: Mental Monkey Coffee Shops, Mental BHP, Mental Culture Clothing, the Mental Culture Shop and the renamed Mental Training Centre.

The business was formed around Aarron’s ever-growing social media presence. He quickly became known for being a controversial yet comedic character. Inspiring people with his own experiences, problems and successes. Lambo’s main purpose for his social media was to air his views and to speak the truth in a world and industry full of lies, smoke and daggers....

Mental Vodka is our biggest leap yet! We’re confident our Craft Vodka will be our greatest asset in the future!

Our spirits are made locally in the UK. We ferment and distill everything from scratch, fermenting sugar from sugarbeet and distilling this into a 96% spirit (Vodka).

At present, we produce a range of flavoured Vodka, with the aim to launch other spirits in the not so distant future.

Each bottle is filled, corked, wax sealed and labelled by hand. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for...?


Lambo is humbled by the support shown not only to the success of his business’ but his lifestyle and his social media videos. He hopes to always inspire, educate and above all, Live a Mental Lifestyle.